Applied improv and theatre programs to help grow social communication skills and adaptive thinking of children through adults who are mildly-to-moderately affected by Autism and related conditions.

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"Social understanding and effective communication are the foundation of success in so many aspects of daily living.  Autism Improvised offers a soft and playful landing space to practice and develop communication skills through the magic of improv and theatre."  
                                                                                                              - Sandy Bruce, Founder & Executive Director

New classes & fall schedule will soon be open to register

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We will be continuing our Zoom Shenanigans classes for adults 16+. We've discovered to our delight that Zoom works well for our students, so we plan to continue offering these online classes indefinitely. This also allows us to meet new faces from all over


Look for other in-person Shenanigans classes that will be announced very soon in Roswell!

Fall schedule will be open for registration soon, too!