Applied improv and theatre programs to help grow social communication skills and adaptive thinking of children through adults who are mildly-to-moderately affected by Autism and related conditions.

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"Social understanding and effective communication are the foundation of success in so many aspects of daily living.  Autism Improvised offers a soft and playful landing space to practice and develop communication skills through the magic of improv and theatre."  
                                                                                                              - Sandy Bruce, Founder & Executive Director

SPRING Online Classes Now Enrolling!

Join one of our spring classes today! Limited openings!
More info? Call 770-573-0320 or email


We're continuing our online course offerings, but we hope to be able to start adding in-person classes once again later this year. We will be seeking some new host venues, so keep us in mind if you know of spaces that would work well with our activities.


We miss seeing you all in person, but Zoom is a pretty good substitution during these weird and historic times. Everything in our normal lives is changed. As improvisers, working with change and dealing with the unexpected is our thing. This is what we have been teaching our improv students since 2009.


Even though we can't be together in person, we are excited to welcome participants from our home area in Atlanta as well as beyond for our weekly online Shenanigans classes for each of our age groups. Ditch the commute, and get in some social connection. Bonus - you can now register here on our website. Just click on this highlighted Shenanigans link.


Code Breakers is also registering for our spring course - six weekly classes taking a deep dive into one of our seven modules of social interaction.  Our spring topic is Art of Conversation: knowing your audience, recognizing body language signals, starting and ending conversations, discovering hidden cues. 

Code Breakers is targeted to motivated young adults headed to college or the competitive work force.

We will be posting new activities and classes on occasion, so watch for announcements on our Facebook page and subscribe to our updates down below, if you haven't done so already.


When the time is right, we will resume our in-person classes along with our online presence. Meanwhile, enjoy the excitement of creating a new improv world on Zoom with us!

We miss you!     Stay safe and be well!