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The fun of improv with all the benefits! Growing skills in social communication and relating, practicing adaptive and flexible thinking, accepting new ideas as a gift to build on - all in a supportive and encouraging small group environment. Neurodiversity welcome!

"Understanding the hidden and often confusing nature of our social world, and being able to effectively communicate is the foundation of success in so many aspects of our lives.  Autism Improvised offers a welcoming and playful space to practice and grow these communication skills through the magic of improv."  
                                                                                                              - Sandy Bruce, Founder & Executive Director

Fall classes now open for registration!

More info? Call 770-573-0320 or email


For motivated young adults making their way from K12 to adulthood, we have Code Breakers - a real life-based social communication program for those young adults headed to the competitive work force and independent or interdependent living. We are also a good followup to UCLA's PEERS social skills program for those who want to reinforce the skills learned. Our CB director is PEERS-certified, and our own proprietary program since 2012 is the perfect way to keep those skills sharpened. 

Especially for neurodivergent females, we have Bright Paths. We recognize the unique issues female teens and young adults, especially those on the spectrum, face on their journey to adulthood. In 2014, we developed Bright Paths to address these under the guidance of a transitions professional. Through role play and discussion, the groups develop critical thinking and self-advocacy skills, and explore their healthiest approach to many situations they may encounter. Bright Paths meets in person in Roswell for ages 16-22, and we've started a Zoom group for females 22-30ish.

Both of these programs use improvised role play and discussion. We may conduct a short screening interview with prospective group members. 


And then there's Shenanigans, our founding program of pure improv fun! Fun, but with the valuable purpose of growing social cognition and communication skills. We meet in person in Roswell and East Cobb, and we will soon announce classes in Cumming. For you in-towners, Atlanta city won't be far behind.


Our Zoom classes are growing, too - Shenanigans teens and adults, and Bright Paths for adult females 22-30+. We don't want distance to be a barrier!

We welcome newbies who want to join us after a class starts (Shenanigans improv classes only). Please contact us directly for details and to sign up.  

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