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Autism Improvised's Flagship Program!

In the playful environment of improv, Shenanigans develops self-confidence; inspires imagination and creativity; practices more flexible thinking; grows tolerance for unexpected change through better adapting; improves social communication; and grows context awareness, ability to relate, and social connection. 

Shenanigans welcomes youth through adults, especially those who are shy or lack self-confidence, have mild-moderate autism, and others who struggle with social communication and rigid thinking. Sibs and peers welcome.

Classes meet in 6-to-8-wk sessions year-round. You can also join mid-session. We encourage prospective participants to try out a class before committing to a session. 

Shenanigans structures classes according to functional age groups, so age ranges are a guide. Some participants may relate better to a younger or older group than their chronological age. We will work with you to find the best placement in our programs. 

Shenanigans, Jr. for children uses games and activities focused on emerging social communication skills, team cooperation, sharing and building on ideas, and listening and responding to what is happening around you.

Shenanigans Improv - As our participants reach young adulthood, we move to more traditional improv games, scenes, and activities while continuing to build on social communication and flexible thinking skills. 

Cash, Check, Credit card accepted. Third party funders considered (NOW, BDF, InCommunity)

Because of GVRA funding changes, we regret we are not able to accept GVRA clients at this time. 

WINTER 2023 is open for registration!
Need more info?
Call 770-573-0320 or email
We offer late registration and single class registration once our sessions
have begun. Just email or give us a call.
NOTE: We are experiencing on again-off again site issues. If your class shows "View Course", please contact (770) 354-5770 to register. There is room in all our classes!
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