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An Autism Improvised Transitions Program

Our transitions program Code Breakers helps young adults break the code of our complex social communication rules, gaining a better understanding of social cues and context, one of the biggest predictors of success in the workforce. A robust approach to real life issues, this program is tailored to the needs of the group. Through improvised role play, understanding context, and coached discussion in a supportive and non-judgmental environment, our participants hone their critical thinking skills and gain self-reliance toward success in all aspects of daily living.

Typically, SIX intensive weekly classes for highly motivated young adults in one of our seven topics covering the challenging aspects of interpersonal relating.  Must have language skills strong enough to participate in discussions that develop critical thinking and self-advocacy skills. A short, casual screening interview is required before registering.

In addition to our groups in Roswell, we are proud of our long time association with Georgia Tech as part of their Excel curriculum. 

Cash, Check, Credit card accepted. Family support funding and waivers accepted, including NOW, BDI, InCommunity. 

Payment notes:
  • If selecting NOW/COMP payment option, at checkout use code WAIVER
  • If using family/individual support funding, at checkout use code FAMSUP
Summer 2024 Code Breakers now enrolling
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